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Mitsubishi 1991 Mitsubishi Laser Talon Electrical Service Manual

Thảo luận trong 'Ô Tô' bắt đầu bởi vothanhtam19, 20/1/11.

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    Content Inside:
    The docoment follow gives you step by step engine electrical service guide for 1991 Mitsubishi Laser Talon, contain 12 separated parts consist of 320 pages in pdf format. Contain information about: Electrical, Fusible link and fuse location, inspection terminal location, grounding location, diode location, junction block, centralized junction, inspection of harness connector, troubleshooting, configuration diagrams, circuit diagrams, engine electrical, chassis electrical. Fuel pump check connector, Ignition timing adjustment connector. To engine compartment wiring-harness, Automatic seatbelt control unit, key reminder switch, passing control relay, seatbelt warning buzzer, taillight relay, theftalarm starter relay. 4-speed automatic transaxle control unit, dome light, door-ajar warning light, foot light, ignition key illumination light, luggage compartment light, MPI control unit, radio,
    security light, ABS relay.

    Following procedures shall be followed for testing contity and voltage at connector in order to prevent improper contact and deterioration of waterproof in connector. When terminal stopper of connector is out of order, engagement of male and female terminals becomes improper even when connector itself is engaged perfectly and terminal sometimes slips out to rear side of connector. Ascertain, therefore, that each terminal does not come off connector by pulling each harness wire. Engaging and disengaging of connector termial, computer connector, round waterproof connector, rectangular waterproof connector, Troubleshooting guide: Observe the symptom carefully. Check if there are also other problems. In determining the probable causes, it is necessary to check the wiring diagram to understand the circuit as a system. Knowledge of switches, relays and other parts is necessaty for accurate determination. Troubleshooting is carried out by making step by step checks until the true cause is found. Always go through the procedures considering what check is to be made where for the best results.

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