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Phần mềm ATRIS Stahlgruber Technik 03-2010

Thảo luận trong 'Ô tô' bắt đầu bởi congnghechuandoan, 16/7/11.

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    ATRIS Stahlgruber Technik 03-2010



    ATRIS Stahlgruber Technik 03-2010

    Year: 2010
    Version: 03

    Release Date: 03.2010
    Compatibility with Vista: Unknown
    System Requirements: 1024x768 min (800x600)
    windows XP, windows 2003 server
    Pentium 1000Mhz 512 MB Ram
    ot14 GB of free space
    Language: English Russian

    Size: 15.63 GB
    Tabletka: Not required

    The program ATRIS Stahlgruber provides information on spare parts of cars and trucks.
    Data on passenger cars, beginning with the 60-ies,Since 2002, the program is executed in an environment of TCD and using data from TCD, except for information on spare parts in the program integrates information about the standard-setting clock, fuel tanks, maintenance intervals, timing belt installation labels and identification plates. The program contains cross-reference and warehouse facilities STAHLGRUBER
    Wholesale price for downloading a file Artikel.dat otherwise complete analogy TCD. There is a search for the original number, the number Stahlgruber, you can see a list of applicability of the details, choose a car from the engine, including filtering by brand or manufacturer,
    also contains illustrations and photographs of many parts. Program ATRis Stahlgruber comes on 3 DVD, can be installed in several different ways, from minimum to maximum network.
    When the installation asks for the primary client number Stahlgruber of 6 tsifr.Vvodim any number of the attached file and work quietly. To get rid of the date, after installation run the attached registry file

    When the installation asks for the primary client number Stahlgruber of 6 digits. Enter any number of the attached file and quietly working. To get rid of the date, after installation run the attached registry file. When apdeyte password is not needed, the program automatically updates itself.


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