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Automotive Fuels for the Future: The Search for Alternatives

Thảo luận trong 'English for the Automobile Club' bắt đầu bởi khoadongluc, 12/1/10.

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    Automotive Fuels for the Future« The Search for Alternatives»
    By: Iea | International Energy Agency | ISBN: 9264169601 | 1999-09 | PDF | 92 pages | 1,16 Mb​

    Our societies devote much money and human energy to the ongoing search for ways to reduce energy consumption and road-traffic emissions. Although the topic is not quite in the forefront of parlour conversation, public awareness of the key forces driving the work—the negative effects of road traffic on our environment and concerns about
    energy security—reaches deeply into our cultures. Urban dwellers, for example, know about noxious vehicle emissions, and in many cities daily air-quality reports come along with the evening television news. The media regularly report developments in the great debate over climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Prospective car buyers go to the showrooms with at least some inklings, that fuel economy and potential vehicle-generated pollution should have a place in the auto-purchase calculus. Governments actively use tax and other policies to steer fuel-choice decisions. Thus, efforts to develop technology and research on new fuel options respond to a lively social interest.


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