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Tài liệu nước ngoài Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection

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    Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection

    [​IMG] Since their introduction, the Jetronic fuel injection systems have proved themselves millions of times over under the harsh conditions of everyday driving. This success is a result of the advantages which fuel injection can offer when considering today's demands for economy, performance, and cleaner exhausts. The K-Jetronic is a mechanical system in which the fuel is continuously metered in accordance with the amount of air drawn in by the engine. Using the Lambda sensor together with additional equipment for the Lambda closed-loop control facility, the K-Jetronic can already comply today with the exhaust-gas regulations of tomorrow. The construction and principle of operation of the K-Jetronic is dealt with in this Technical Instruction manual.

    • It must be stressed that the implementation of this system by Volvo on many of its cars, involves some modifications, according to car model, engine, year and country of issue.

    PART 1
    The engine's fuel requirements
    Air-fuel ratio
    Excess-air factor
    Fuel-management systems
    Electronically controlled systems
    Mechanical systems
    Fuel supply

    Outline of system
    Electric fuel pump
    Fuel accumulator
    Fuel filter
    Primary-pressure regulator
    Fuel-injection valve
    PART 2
    Fuel management
    Mixture-control unit
    Air-flow sensor
    Fuel distributor
    Control pressure
    Differential-pressure valves
    Mixture information
    Mixture adaptation
    Cold start
    Load conditions
    Acceleration response
    Influencing the air-fuel mixture
    PART 3
    Electrical circuitry
    Exhaust-gas techniques
    Exhaust-gas composition
    Catalytic after-treatment
    Lambda closed-loop control

    Remember to take all necessary safety precautions when working on your car.


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