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Bosch VE pump head reinstallation how-to

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    Bosch VE pump head reinstallation how-to

    I will show you how to put your Bosch VE type injection pump head back on the pump body and how to install all the parts inside the pump. You most likely had leaking seals on your pump and pulled the head off to put a new seal on and everything fell inside and now you have a mess on your hands. This how-to shows the pump head and associated parts only. The injection quantity parts have been show in other threads.

    First, the only way to do this is take the pump off the car. Then take the pump cover and the injection quantity body off the pump if it is not already apart. Since you most likely screwed up Diesel geeks instructions, or you did not even try that and you pulled the head off yourself, all you have is a bunch of loose parts inside your pump, so dump them out and let’s get started.
    Warning!!!! This is how I did my pump! It worked. I will not be responsible for what you do to your pump. I am not a Bosch service center, I am just a guy with the same problem you have. If you think IQ means intelligence quotient or you think bio is brief history of a persons life, or you think that a TDI timing belt job is the most difficult mechanical job you can think of, then stop right here. This is not for the average car owner. It will take lots of patience and you must be meticulous and have all the parts in their right place. If not you will be looking for a new pump. You have been warned!

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