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[Cengage Learning] Mechanical Vibrations: Theory and Applications, SI Edition, 1st Edition

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    MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS takes an applications-based approach at teaching students to apply previously learned engineering principles while laying a foundation for engineering design. This text provides a brief review of the principles of dynamics so that terminology and notation are consistent and applies these principles to derive mathematical models of dynamic mechanical systems. The methods of application of these principles are consistent with popular Dynamics texts. Numerous pedagogical features have been included in the text in order to aid the student with comprehension and retention. These include the development of three benchmark problems which are revisited in each chapter, creating a coherent chain linking all chapters in the book. Also included are learning outcomes, summaries of key concepts including important equations and formulae, fully solved examples with an emphasis on real world examples, as well as an extensive exercise set including objective-type questions.

    1. Introduction.
    2. Modeling of sdof systems.
    3. Free vibrations of sdof systems.
    4. Harmonic excitation of sdof systems.
    5. Transient vibrations of one-degree-of-freedom systems.
    6. Two-degree of freedom systems.
    7. Modeling of mdof systems.
    8. Free vibrations of mdof systems.
    9. Forced vibratiobs of mdof systems.
    10. Vibrations of continuous systems.
    11. Finite element method.
    12. Nonlinear vibrations.
    13. Random vibrations.
    APPENDIX A. Unit impulse function and unit step function.
    APPENDIX B. Laplace transforms.
    APPENDIX C. Linear algebra.
    APPENDIX D. Deflections of beams due to concentrated loads.
    APPENDIX E. Matlab programs.
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