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Pro Engineer Configuring Printer for Pro/Engineer

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi localhost, 3/8/10.

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    Suggested Technique for Configuring Windows 2000 and Windows XP Platforms to Plot
    If you already installed the 1120C DeskJet Printer in Windows, you can directly
    configure and take prints using Microsoft Windows Print Manager. In order to get prints
    from Pro/ENGINEERWildfire do the following steps.

    In order to plot within Pro/ENGINEER specify MS Printer Manager in the Destination
    field. When you select on OK, it will bring up the Microsoft Windows Print Manager.
    From here, you can select the desired printer/plotter to print to.
    If you haven’t installed the printer you can do the following steps.
    If you don’t have the driver CD of your printer you can download it from the web
    1. For Windows 2000 select Start > Settings > Control Panel and open the
    Printers folder.
    For Windows XP select Start > Control Panel; if in Classic View select Printers
    and Faxes, or if the display is set to Category View select Printers and Other
    Hardware > Printers and Faxes.

    2. Click on Add Printer to add a plotter driver.

    3. To add a new printer, just follow the instructions from the Add PrinterWizard. In
    this example a local printer is being installed by selecting "Local printer attached
    to this computer" and selecting next to continue.

    4. If you selected Automatically detect in the previous step, Windows will attempt to
    detect any new printers attached to the machine. If not, select the port to be used
    with the printer.

    5. Select the printer/plotter to be used. For this example, a Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 755CM will be setup.

    6. Here an alternate name can be specified for the plotter.

    7. Here the printer/plotter can be shared so that other machines on the network can
    print to it.

    8. It is recommended that the test page be printed to verify successful installation of the driver.

    Once the Printer Wizard is finished, a new printer icon is in the Printer folder. To check for the default printer or to set the default printer, select the printer icon and select the File menu. A check mark will be next to Set as Default if this printer is the default.

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