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KIA Downloads for Hi-Scan Pro

Thảo luận trong 'Ô Tô' bắt đầu bởi haui, 23/10/10.

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  1. haui

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    Note: Driver files must be installed BEFORE attempting to install the software update! These drivers only need to be installed once provided the same computer is used for future updates.
    Hi-Scan Pro USB Drivers

    Hi-Scan Pro Software Download FAQ

    This FAQ is intended to assist the user in resolving concerns related to the Hi-Scan Pro software card update process. It is recommended that the user review the instructions (included in the download file) and this FAQ prior to requesting technical support.

    1. I just downloaded the file to my computer and nothing is happening.
      The file will not automatically execute unless the user chooses “Open From Current Location” after clicking on the link. If the file has been saved to the local computer, it must be double-clicked to start the process.
    2. I ran the file, and my Hi-Scan Pro is not updating (the percentage is stuck at 0%, the electronic “spinner” on the Hi-Scan Screen is not moving).
      The write-protect switch needs to be pushed toward the top of the Hi-Scan. IF this happens, the Hi-Scan needs to be turned OFF (do not do this if the progress bar shows greater that 0%) and turned back ON, then placed back into the download mode. The DOS window can then be closed. Re-run the install file (or open it directly from KGIS) and re-start the process. It is OK to overwrite the existing installation. Should the Hi-Scan display repeatedly flash OFF and ON after restarting the tool, try pressing SHIFT and F1 while turning the Hi-Scan ON to directly access the download screen.
    3. I receive an error message stating that the COM port is already in use.
      The COM port can only be accessed by one program at a time. If another program is using the port, that program will need to be closed. Then, close the DOS window. Re-run the install file (or open it directly from KGIS) and re-start the process. If the COM port is being used by an external modem, PDA sync cradle, or other device, it would be best to attempt the download on a different machine. NOTE: only COM1 is supported by this program at this time.
    4. The download/update process is extremely slow.
      The file is 7.98MB (KP520; 5.25MB for 16MB card (Yellow Label) reprogramming software) in size. A high-speed internet connection is recommended. The Hi-Scan update takes around 45 minutes AFTER the download from KGIS has completed. It is best to close all other programs PRIOR to downloading/executing the file. Screen savers can also slow down the Hi-Scan update process and should be disabled temporarily.
    5. Which Hi-Scan accessories are needed to perform a software download?
      In addition to the Hi-Scan unit and the software card, the 9-pin serial (RS232C) cable (09900-27100) and the AC adapter (K12AC/DC15A) will be required for software card updates.
    6. The download worked fine, but now the old files are missing from my computer.
      KP640_2 will remove old versions from the user's computer.
    7. I cannot communicate with a 2006 Rio PCM.
      The Hi-Scan Pro requires a CAN interface when communicating with the 2006 Rio Engine or Transaxle Control systems.
    8. I have "uninstall" icons for old software versions on my desktop. Do I need these?
      No. To uninstall old software versions, double-click the "Uninstall Hi-Scan Pro...." icon for the old software.
    9. I cannot get the download to work at all. None of the information listed above has helped me.
      Send an e-mail to MHOUKAL@KIAUSA.com. Please include your name, contact phone number, and a detailed description of the problem. If needed, the Service Information and Diagnostic Systems section may be reached at 949-468-4711.
  2. aanmayhy

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    sao chẳng có gì vậy pro
  3. nguyendangvb

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    chao anh em, minh rat ua thich cac dong xe hang nho cua Han. rat vui duoc tiep xuc voi cac dong xe KIA

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