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Phần mềm ELM 3xx supported Diagnostic Programs (Scanmaster 1.5 + Pcmscan 2.1.1 + Proscan 5.0 + Obddiag)

Thảo luận trong 'Ô tô' bắt đầu bởi MAGARAGE, 11/9/12.

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    Year : 2007 Version : xp / vista Description : Scanmaster 1.5. : The new version 1.5 of ELM Scan Wizard is now available. Major changes: 1st Test Readiness for release investigation. 2nd Advanced number PIDs (ISO last stand) 3rd Improved support for Bluetooth Interfaces 4th Black Engine modifications. 5th Various bug fixes and adjustments. Proscan 5 you can quickly identify the problem and fix it yourself. You'll know if your mechanic is honest about the repair of your vehicle needs. You can estimate your car in the horsepower and torque curves for the specified range RSN. You can share your timeslips and dyno sheets to print or export them to JPEG images to share online. You can easily manage multiple vehicles ProScan in-car manager. Why you should reconsider the type of vehicle, the information each time you use the tool to scan? Supported Tests Misfire Fuel System Comprehensive components Catalyst Catalyst heating system in the evaporative system is the secondary air / C refrigerant system Oxygen Sensors Oxygen Sensor Heaters EGR system Pcmscan 2.1. 1: PCMSCAN is fully featured common DB-II scanner and diagnostic tool that supports a variety of database-II hardware interfaces. It allows you to view, charting, logging and playback of diagnostic data in real time using the vehicle OBD-II diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle fault diagnosis (DTC's), Freeze Frame data, and other media. PCMSCAN supports 1996 * and newer passenger vehicles, whether it be the U.S., Asia or Europe. Supported DB-II protocols:-SAE J1850 (VPW and PWM), ISO-9141, ISO-14230 (KWP2000), and ISO-15765 (CAN). Interface Cables PCMSCAN supports the following database-II interface adapters: AutoTap AT1, AT2, AT3, AT123 (v2.x) VIA LDV100, LDV200 , LDV300, LDV123 Multiplex Engineering T16 ELM320, ELM322, ELM323 (v2.x) ELM327 (all versions) Any SAE J2534-compatible DB-II-interface.

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