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Ethanol Diesel Fuel (O2-Diesel)

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    O2-Diesel, also called ethanol diesel in the USA, is a blend of ethanol and conventional diesel fuel. The USA used ethanol as fuel with percentages of ethanol as high as 85% (blended with gasoline) for a long time in gasoline engines. DIN EN 590 outlines O2-Diesel specifications.
    The analysis of diesel fuel and O2-Diesel used for the experiments in this study was performed at the University of Rostock. ASG analytics service Ltd determined the specific heat value and the cetane number as well as the effects of corrosion on copper.

    Properties of O2-Diesel (ethanol-diesel blend)


    Additive 2EHN: 0.2% Vol.

    Additive O2DO5: 0.5% Vol.
    The percentage of water in O2-Diesel should be less than 0.05% Vol (250mg/kg) [4]. In order to offset ethanol’s lower cetane number, additive packages for ethanol diesel blend contain cetane improver additives. If the additive package contains sufficient cetane improver, the cetane number of the final ethanol diesel blend can be restored to that of the baseline diesel fuel or, in some cases, be even higher.
    In experiments with the ethanol-diesel blend, the additive 2EHN with 0.2% Vol. was used to enhance the cetane number for a number of reasons including the fact that little water can be introduced into the fuel system because ethanol has an affinity for water (the experimental ethanol diesel blend had a water content of less than 0.5%) and because blend levels of up to 15% are often desired. One way to achieve this is to use additives. Two common types of additives are surfactants and co-solvents. Blends formed with these additives are very stable. Co-solvents have immediate polarity between ethanol and diesel fuel and act as a bridging agent to produce a homogeneous blend.

    In addition, surfactants used to ensure blend stability of micro-emulsions can also enhance fuel lubricity. The additives package may comprise anywhere from 0.2% to 0.5% of the blend. Consequently, the additive O2DO5 was used to enhance the solubility of ethanol with diesel fuel. In the USA, the additive Chimec 9432 is used to improve the lubricity of the ethanol and diesel fuel mixture.

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