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Fuel Injections Performance Kits Installation Instructions

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    Fuel Injections Performance Kits Installation Instructions

    1. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
    2. Loosen and remove the air cleaner wing nuts, then remove the air cleaner lid.
    3. Disconnect the cold inlet tube and then remove the air cleaner base assebmly as shown.
    NOTE: Some vehicles are equipped with and air injection check valve which is vented to the air cleaner assembly. On these vehicles, remove the rubber hose and clamp the provided filter to the check valve.
    4. Loosen and remove the two bolts that secure the air inlet/resonator, then remove the assembly as shown.
    NOTE: K&N recommends that you do not discard your factory air intake.
    5. Remove the crank case vent line from the valve cover as shown.
    6. Remove the throttle body spacer as shown.
    7a. On 92-95 vehicles, remove the two factory throttle body studs as shown.
    7b. On 88-91 vehicles, remove the factory “Z” stud.
    8. Remove the three factory torx screws as shown.
    9. Install the three provided throttle body studs into the three holes from step 8.
    NOTE: Apply two drops of Loc-tite to the throttle body studs and torque them to 30 inch-pounds. Failure to follow the above instructions may damage the throttle body.
    10. Install the three provided nylock nuts onto the throttle body studs approximately 3/4” down as shown.
    11. Install the three flat washers onto the throttle body studs as shown.

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