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Honda/Acura Honda/Acura Oil Cooler Kit Installation

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    Honda/Acura Oil Cooler Kit Installation


    This high quality kit is designed to fit most Honda and Acura models. This kit comes with:
    - One 19-row oil cooler
    - Braided stainless (AN -10) oil lines (3)
    - Block adapter
    - Filter mount
    - Right-angle adapters (3)
    While this kit is intended to work in most applications, this kit may require modification for some extremely modified vehicles or unique applications. Please contact us for more information. This kit is also intended to be used with a Honda-style oil filter (standard Honda thread). We do recommend the use of a larger, high-quality filter like the NSX or S2000 OEM fitments, or a Mobil 1 M1-105.

    These instructions are provided as a rough installation guide. Your installation may vary.
    Before installing your kit:
    - Remove the oil filter and clean the oil filter mount
    - It is recommended you leave any factory oil cooler installed (installation may increase warm-up time in cold weather and requires modifications to coolant routing)
    - It is recommended you remove your front bumper cover to increase accessibility to the front bumper area
    Cooler Installation
    Choose a mounting location for the oil cooler. You should choose a location that is:
    - Easy to route the oil lines to (and within reach)
    - In front of all heat-generating items (radiator, AC condenser, turbo, etc.)
    - Unobstructed by body panels (lots of airflow available)
    - Protected from curbs, debris, etc.
    - Is sturdy (bumper or radiator support, etc.)
    Once you identify a location, position the cooler where it should go (meeting the above criteria) and mark and drill holes. Mounting hardware is not included as each application/installation will vary. 8-32 (or 5 or 6mm) machine screws or #8 sheet metal screws are commonly available at your local hardware store and will work well for this purpose. Install the screws tightly.
    You may find that you need to make a bracket to attach one or more sides of the cooler to the body of the vehicle. This is very easy to do using aluminum or steel bar stock from a local home improvement store (look or ask for “Weldable Steel”). Thin pieces like 1/8” thick can be manipulated by hand or with simple hand tools yet will allow you to fashion a solid bracket.
    Finally, it is preferable to mount the cooler from the top and bottom (or both sides) but not absolutely necessary. We recommend that you make a bracket to attach top/bottom or sides that are not easily attached to a solid structure (like a bumper beam).

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