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Honda/Acura Honda Auto - Manual Conversion Part List

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    This is not a "How To" thread, but just a list of parts that will be vital to swap out that old, no fun automatic transmission..to a new, fun manual transmission!

    After spending about 2 months on searching all over the internet and asking around at the local car meets i found all the essential parts that you need to do an auto - manual transmission conversion.

    1. Manual Transmission: This is the most important part of doing the conversion on your honda. You can find these used or new all over the place for some decent prices.

    2. Clutch Kit: With the new transmission your going to need a clutch kit. You can go to your local parts store (ex: pepboys, autozone, advanced) and order a clutch kit. Or you can go online and buy an aftermarket clutch kit (ex: exedy, clutchmasters)

    3. ECU: This is probably one of the parts that people forget to get. I don't know why but there is a difference between an auto ecu and a manual ecu. When your looking at an ecu (ex: 37820-P72-A01) the last 3 digits A01 are probably the most important digits for the conversion. If the middle digit is between 0-4 it's typically a manual ecu, if the digit is a 5 or greater then its typically an automatic ecu.

    4. Transmission Mount: This is another part that some people forget about. There is only 1 tranny mount that you will need to change to make the conversion. I would advise getting a new mount either from HASPORT or Innovative mounts. Just make sure you know if your getting a cable or hydrolic transmission before you order the mount because they are different.

    5. Pedal Assembly: As you should know by now a manual transmission has a clutch pedal. Now some people just go down to a junk yard and buy just a clutch pedal and cut the automatic break pedal in half (this is because the auto break pedal is bigger than a manual break pedal) So i would advise buying the whole manual pedal assembly.

    6. Manual Axles: Yes there is a difference between manual axles and automatic axles. You can also get these from a local parts store for a pretty decent price. (I would advise goin to pepboys because they usually have OEM axles in stock)

    7. Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders: This applys to the people who are buying an hydrolic transmission. Also while your down at your local parts store buying axles and your clutch kit, you can go ahead and order the clutch master and slave cylinders.

    8. Flywheel: You will need a flywheel for this conversion. You can pick up a flywheel from a local parts store for a pretty good price. (If you buy a new transmission, most of the time they will sell you a new OEM flywheel with your transmission.) But you don't have to stay stock, you can order an aftermarket flywheel (ex: fidanza)

    9. Shifter, Shift Boot, and Shift Knob: You can get these ANYWHERE! A shift boot is the leather or cloth thing at the end of your shifter that just covers up the hole in your floorboard and makes things look better. You can buy a stock shifter or you can go the more preferred route and get a short shifter. (ex: B&E makes short shifters) Or just like most of these parts, you can drive down to you local parts store and look at all the shifters, shift boots, and shift knobs they have.

    10. Shift Linkage: This is another essential part where you can get on the internet and maybe at your local parts store. This connects from your shifter to your transmission.

    11. Guage Cluster: You don't necessarly need a manual one just as long as it has a tach (that is appropriate for your motor) If you have an automatic one that has a tach with it that will work you will just have the annoying P R N D icons on it.

    DISCLAIMER: The contents of this article are not necessarily the official views of, nor endorsed by, the owner of HondaClub(com).

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