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Honda/Acura Honda Engine and Transmission Drain Plugs

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    Honda Engine and Transmission Drain Plugs

    These high quality drain plugs are designed to fit 14mm x 1.50 thread pitch applications (most Honda/Acura). Your kit may have come with one, two, or three plugs. If you ordered a kit with more than one plug, the long plug is for the engine oil drain and the short plug is for the transmission oil drain (the short transmission plug can also be used in the ATTS unit in the Type SH Prelude). We have verified that these bolts will work in all B, C, D, F, H, J, K, and L series applications as of the 2006 model year. Please contact us before using if you are not certain if these will work in your motor.

    These plugs are designed to provide a lifetime of service in the toughest race applications. By following a few simple steps you can insure that they will last a lifetime.
    Before installing your drain plugs:
    - Remove the old drain plug.
    - Remove the aluminum crush washer supplied by Honda (note that it may be stuck to the oil pan or transmission case).
    -Make sure the surface on the oil pan/transmission case is clean and flat.
    - Put the supplied aluminum crush washer on the drain plug.
    - Thread the plug into the drain pan/transmission case by hand. If it does not thread in all the way, stop and check the hole! Do not try and force it on. It is not uncommon for the factory steel bolt to damage the softer metal on the pan if over-tightened.
    - Using a 14mm wrench, tighten the plug to 23 ft-lb (31 N-m). This is approximately 45°, or one quarter turn past hand-tight. Do not over-tighten the bolt!
    Always use a new crush washer when installing the drain plug. These are very inexpensive and available from your local Honda/Acura dealer and most auto parts stores (a copper crush washer is OK, do not use plastic or other non-metallic washers). Failure to use a crush washer will result in a leak and possible over-tightening of the bolt. Over-tightening will void your warranty and could result in oil pan/transmission case damage.

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