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Introduction to Control Engineering: Modeling, Analysis and Design

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    Ajit K. Mandal, "Introduction to Control Engineering: Modeling, Analysis and Design"
    New Age Publications | 2008 | ISBN: 812241821X | 623 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB
    This book is intended for an introductory undergraduate course in control systems for engineering students. This text presents a comprehensive analysis and design of continuous-time control systems and includes more than introductory material for discrete systems with adequate guidelines to extend the results derived in connection continuous-time systems. The prerequisite for the reader is some elementary knowledge of differential equations, vector-matrix analysis and mechanics. Transfer function and state variable models of typical components and subsystems have been derived in the Appendix at the end of the book. Most of the materials including solved and unsolved problems presented in the book have been class-tested in senior undergraduates and first year graduate courses in the field of control systems at the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department, Jadavpur University. MATLAB is the most widely used CAD software package in universities throughout the world. Some representative MATLAB scripts used for solving problems are included at the end of each chapter. The detailed design steps of fuzzy logic based controller using Simulink and MATLAB has been provided in the book to give the student a head start in this emerging discipline. A chapter has been included to deal with nonlinear components and their analysis MATLAB and SIMULINK through user defined s-functions. Finally, a chapter has been included to deal with the implementation of digital controllers on finite bit computer, to bring out the problems associated with digital controllers. In view of extensive use of MATLAB for rapid verification of controller designs, some notes for using MATLAB script M-files and function M-files are included at the end of the book.



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