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Tuyển dụng khác Job Seeking: Local Content Expert - HCM

Thảo luận trong 'Việc tìm người' bắt đầu bởi pansy8510, 3/9/14.

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  1. pansy8510

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    We are looking for a person could be a great fit for our client which specializes on Automotive Industry. Therefore, they would like to recruit position Local Content Expert - working in HCMC – Salary around $500-$650

    If you are interested please send your updated resume to me, or not, could you please share it to your friends, tks

    Objective of job(abbreviated)
    - Develop and drive local content and direct sourcing program. Follow up achievements and prepare necessary activities. Follow up
    - Local Automotive Investment status, local content policy Import tax policy and report to supervisor. Propose potential LIC suppliers


    - Education: Engineering
    - Minimum 2 years experience in Logistics, Warehousing, Purchasing and Inventory Control
    - Knowledge in supply chain, production programming, local content development (AI CO, AFT A ... )
    - Minimum 5 years working in automotive industry field. Dealing with supplier. Familiar with Import, export process
    - Good presentation skill, Speaking English or German and Vietnamese. Good standard office software skills.

    Local content:
    - Searching the potential local supplier together with GP&S
    - Searching DAG supplier in Vietnam together with GP&S
    - Study Parts ( together with related departments) for localization
    - Follow up local approval process
    - Report the local content, direct sourcing achievement
    - Propose local content or direct sourcing part list
    - Follow up local content policy
    - Negotiate the deletion price with supplier of original part and time frame

    Import -Export:
    - Regularly update import, export tax policy from Vietnam government
    - Point out list of the parts with high import duty or huge difference between AFT A region or from other countries
    - Create proposal PxP import duty for each model basing on regulation with tax saving

    - Inform in time changes as of production plan to developing supplier
    - Corporate with planning team and inform related departments the implementing local part for series production in MBV

    - Submit sample for trial and testing and follow up the result

    Health- Safety-Environment:
    - Comply with Daimler standard of HSE



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