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MasterCam Mastercam X4 Multilanguage

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi hochoi, 14/12/09.

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    CNC Software Mastercam X4 Multilanguage | 825MB

    Software for milling, turning, EDM and wood on the machines with numerical control (CNC). Mastercam is one of the easiest to learn and work of the CAD / CAM systems, thus has broad capabilities in modeling and a solid set of strategies for treatment.

    The developer - a well-known US-based CNC Software Inc., More than 25 years creating and improving the system and is one of the world leaders in CAD / CAM industry. According to an independent consulting expert company CIMdata - Mastercam is the most common CAD / CAM system in the world.

    New in CNC Software Mastercam X4:

    1. Adding new features to the Manager layer control
    2. Updates data translator
    * ACIS - R19
    * AutoCAD ® DWG, DXF, DWF - 2009
    * AutoCAD Inventor IPT, IAM, IDW - 2009
    * CATIA ® V5 - R18
    * KeyCreator ® - V6
    * Parasolids ® - 19
    * Pro / E ® - Wildfire4
    * Rhino ® - 4
    * Solid Edge ® - ST
    * SolidWorks ® - 2009
    3. Dynamic creation of plans and dynamic movement (copying) the geometry
    4. Additional options for creating and managing bookmarks species (Viewsheet)
    5. Recognition of frame geometry as a function of task chains (Chaining)
    6. New customizable user lists installation (Setup sheet)
    7. Automatic shut-off manager trajectories for viewing and verification of trajectories
    8. Improved algorithm for creating surfaces rounding.
    9. Facilitation and simplification of work when using the 3d displacement geometry
    10. Work in the system, while calculating the trajectories of processing. Support work on computers with multicore processors
    11. New tree dialogs for 2d trajectories
    12. Definition of tool holder 2d trajectories
    13. New dynamic milling pockets
    14. Further development of the functions of FBM to provide greater flexibility and customization:
    * Milling or boring large holes
    * Pre-drilling a pilot hole
    * Map of holes
    * Added ability to create independent of the geometry of Operations
    * Selecting similar items
    * Improved sorting operations tsentrovaniya to reduce the number of instruments used
    * Cutting out the large windows when milling without removing material
    * Ability to add or reduce the depth of milling the outer contour parts
    15. New filter 3d surface trajectories for finishing surfaces of excellent quality
    16. Setting minimum slope tool in multi-axis milling paths
    17. Support for multiple materials in Mastercam ATP (Woodworking).
    18. A new functional for manual correction of the result automatically cutting sheet material.
    19. Support for multiple profiles set of grooves in one operratsii when turning
    20. Generate temporary shutdown commands in the corners when turning grooves
    21. Individual job working filings with rough and finish turning grooving
    22. The departure point in the control and inspection of turning tools for grooving
    23. A new feature to automatically create profiles for turning solid or surface model product
    24. Displaying round turning tools with verification
    25. The new interface dialogs for spark machine Agie with management Agievision

    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista

    Download from Hotfile - All Country

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