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Phần mềm Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA 01.2012

Thảo luận trong 'Ô tô' bắt đầu bởi one486, 16/2/12.

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  1. one486

    one486 Tài xế O-H

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    -149 lít xăng

    Mercedes-Benz WIS/ASRA 01.2012 | 12.5 GB 2DVD

    The WIS net DaimlerChrysler AG's aim is to improve the electronic availability and usefulness of the workshop documentation (e.g. repair, maintenance, basic data, wiring diagrams and in part also documentation organization) of Mercedes-Benz and smart products by optimizing access and presentation. WIS net also offers integration to neighboring task areas such as e.g. definition of work units and flat rates using ASRA, and damage coding on one workstation.

    Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    The following criteria have been taken into consideration:

    * Modern electronic information system to replace the microfilm and paper media.
    * Faster document search and display. Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simplification of document search in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simple system operation. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Access option to vehicle-specific data (vehicle datacard of EPC system).
    * Vehicle-specific documentation finding. in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Simplification of warranty settlement by integrating the damage coding in WIS.
    * Documentation access using operation number in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET
    * Definition of work units or flat rates using ASRA in Mercedes Benz WIS EWA NET




    BOTH MERCEDES EPC & WIS 1/2012 are FULL and with little NEW Installation Platform!
    ..update it from old one is a easy way!
    Me Personally I DID NOT using the NEW & "Pain" EWA-NET Admin Tool!
  2. dobinh211

    dobinh211 Tài xế O-H

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    467 lít xăng
    crack bac oi/.

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