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Phần mềm Microcat KIA 01.2011 Multilanguage

Thảo luận trong 'Ô tô' bắt đầu bởi www.maychandoanoto.com, 6/7/11.

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  1. www.maychandoanoto.com

    www.maychandoanoto.com Tài xế O-H

    Tham gia ngày:
    Số km:
    Được đổ xăng:
    235 lít xăng
    Microcat KIA 01/2011
    Language: Multilanguage
    Sice: 3.16 GB.

    Electronic parts catalog KIA Microcat contains information about all the KIA car company, including light trucks and vans. Electronic spare parts catalog Kia Microcat contains information on all models from 1982-1985 to 2010, including vans, commercial, model cars and buses.

    There is a search by chassis number also. The information about the vehicle by chassis number gives country where the vehicle is sold, color, equipment etc ...

    It is a electronic part catalogue for KIA vehicles on following markets:
    - Australia
    - Canada
    - Europe
    - General
    - Middle East
    - USA
    - China
    - CIS
    - Puerto Rico

    - Can be installed on the hard drive only data or only the applications, but in this case will not be available trucks, buses and the old model, Install your entire program.
    - Full installation KIA Microcat will take about 4 Gb hard disk.
    - Interface directory KIA Microcat is simple.
    - Search for Vin codes, name parts, the original number, as well as the applicability of details.
    - There is also a catalog of original accessories KIA.


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