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Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Galant Engine Electrical Workshop Manual

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    CHARGING SYSTEM, GENERAL INFORMATION, SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS, SPECIAL TOOLS, ON-VEHICLE SERVICE, Alternator Output Line Voltage Drop Test,Output Current Test,Regulated Voltage Test, Waveform Check Using An Analyzer, ALTERNATOR. The charging system uses the alternator output to keep the battery charged at a constant level under various electrical loads. SYSTEM DIAGRAM, ALTERNATOR OUTPUT LINE VOLTAGE DROP TEST, This test determines whether the wiring from the alternator “B” terminal to the battery (+) terminal (including the fusible line) is in a good condition or not. (1) Always be sure to check the following before the test. Alternator installation, Alternator drive belt tension, Fusible link, Abnormal noise from the alternator while the engine is running (2) Turn the ignition switch off. (3) Disconnect the negative battery cable. (4) Disconnect the alternator output wire from the alternator “B” terminal and connect a DC test ammeter with a range of 0 - 100 A in series between the “B” terminal and the disconnected. With the engine running at 2,500 r/min, turn the headlamps and other lamps on and off to adjust the alternator load so that the value displayed on the ammeter is slightly above 30 A. If the electrical load is small while testing, the specified level of current may not be output even though the alternator is normal. In such cases, increase the electrical load by leaving the headlamps turned on for some time to discharge the battery or by using the lighting system in another vehicle, and then test again.

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