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    Short intro:

    Last year, I wanted to learn C#. And what's better to learn a language then programming something 'usefull', so I started programming on a simple ASME calculation program.
    Nothing fancy with 3D and so on, but plain calculations in a nice (Windows) environment, with the ability to generate nice looking calculation reports.
    At this time I completed basic shell and head calculations for internal and external pressure, with a complete material database, the basic code to generate reports and the possibility to save and load calculations.
    At this moment, I do not have the time anymore to spend as much time to this project as a few months ago, and to program something like this only for myself is a kind of waste of time. At the speed I can program now, a usefull result will be ready in 5 years or so

    I'm willing to give my program to the open source community, but there are some questions attached.
    1) Is somebody interested in a project like this?
    2) Am I allowed to do this? (by ASME)
    3) Does somebody know how to do this? (open source development)
    4) Are there people out there who are interested to write code for a project like this?

    I uploaded my program to allow you to take a look:
    Please note: to limit the size of the upload, I limited the material database!
    The complete database holds over 2000 ASME materials.


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