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[Prentice Hall] Basic Principles for Construction 3rd E

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    RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR CONSTRUCTION, 3E includes a full color design with new and updated photos and figures. Coverage of building codes and safe materials handling ensures the student will stay current with industry standards and trends. In addition, a new chapter on green building principles will introduce readers to jobsite practices while they plan and execute their work. This book is ideal for those beginning a career in the building trades industry and provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of the core academic areas that are necessary for success in the field. Topics include work ethic, math, communications, print reading, safety, and common tools.
    1. Organization of the Industry.
    Glossary of Terms. Construction Personnel. An Overall View of Design and Construction. Forms of Ownership. Building Codes. Unions and Contractors' Associations. Review Questions. Activities.
    2. Working in the Industry.
    Glossary of Terms. Ethics. Working on a Team. Communication. Customer Service. Lifelong Learning. Review Questions. Activities.
    3. Green Construction.
    Glossary of Terms. Aspects of Green Building. Green Certifications Programs. Future of Green Home Building. Review Questions. Activities.
    4. Jobsite Safety.
    Glossary of Terms. Accidents. OSHA. Personal Protective Equipment. Hazard Communication Standard. Fire. Trench Safety. Material Handling. Electricity. Review Questions. Activities.
    5. Safety with Ladders, Scaffolds, and Machines.
    Glossary of Terms. Scaffolds. Portable Ladders. Safe Climbing Habits. Internal Combustion Engines. Compressed Air. Review Questions. Activities.
    6. Whole Numbers.
    Glossary of Terms. Basic Principles. Addition Problems. Subtraction Problems. Multiplication Problems. Division Problems. Combined Operations.
    7. Decimals.
    Glossary of Terms. Basic Principles. Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Fractions. Multiplication of Decimal Fractions. Division of Decimal Fractions.
    8. Fractions.
    Glossary of Terms. Basic Principles. Adding Fractions. Adding Mixed Numbers. Subtracting Fractions. Multiplying Fractions. Decimal and Common Fraction Equivalents.
    9. Linear Measure.
    Glossary of Terms. Reading of U.S. Customary Scale. Nominal Dimensions. Combining Feet and Inches. Metric System. Perimeter Measure.
    10. Percent (Percentage).
    Glossary of Terms. Perent. Interest.
    11. Area and Volume.
    Glossary of Terms. Area of Squares and Rectangles. Area of Triangles. Area of Circles. Volume of Rectangular Solids, Cubes, and Cylinders.
    12. Right Angles.
    Glossary of Terms. Basic Principles. 6-8-10 Method.
    13. Combined Operations.
    Basic Principles.
    14. Hand Tools-Selection, Use and Care.
    Glossary of Terms. Systems of Measurement. Tape Measure. Rafter Square. Stair Gauges. Speed Square. Combination Square. Chalk Line Reel. 6-8-10 Method and Checking Diagonals. Spirit Level. Builder's Level. Laser Level. Plumb Bob. Hammers. Bars and Nail Pullers. Screwdrivers. Pliers. Wrenches. Hacksaw. Handsaw. Coping Saw. Wallboard Saw. Utility Knife. Snips. Pipe and Tubing Cutters. Flaring Tool. Swaging Tools. Review Questions. Activities.
    15. Power Tools-Selection, Use, and Care.
    Glossary of Terms. Power Tool Construction. Power Tool Safety. Portable Circular Saw. Saber Saw. Reciprocating Saw. Drills.Torches. Review Questions. Activities.
    16. Fasteners.
    Glossary of Terms. Nails. Screws. Bolts. Anchors. Hollow-Wall Fasteners. Review Questions. Activities.
    17. Rigging.
    Glossary of Terms. Slings. Wire Rope. Web Slings. Chain Slings. General Requirements for Use of All Slings. Hardware Attachments. Crane Operations. Review Questions. Activities. .
    Glossary of Terms. Isometric Drawings. Oblique Drawings. Orthographic Projection. Review Questions. Activities.
    19. Scales.
    Glossary of Terms. Scale Drawings. Reading an Architect's Scale. Review Questions. Activities.
    20. Alphabet of Lines.
    Glossary of Terms. Object Lines. Dashed Lines. Extension Lines and Dimension Lines. Centerlines. Leaders. Cutting-Plane Lines. Review Questions. Activities.
    21. Use of Symbols.
    Glossary of Terms. Door and Window Symbols. Materials Symbols. Electrical and Mechanical Symbols. Reference Marks. Abbreviations. Review Questions. Activities.
    22. Plan Views.
    Glossary of Terms. Site Plans. Foundation Plans. Floor Plans. Review Questions. Activities.
    23. Elevations.
    Glossary of Terms. Orienting Elevations. Information on building Elevations. Review Questions. Activities.
    24. Sections and Details.
    Glossary of Terms. Sections. Other Large-Scale Details. Orienting Sections and Details. Review Questions. Activities.
    Appendix A.
    Appendix B.
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