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    Stephen L. Herman - Lee College, Baytown, Texas
    ISBN-10: 1111127468 ISBN-13: 9781111127466
    512 Pages Paperbound
    © 2012 Published

    For nearly half a century, this widely acclaimed text has presented the fundamental concepts of direct current electricity and magnetism in a straightforward, practical manner. This reader-friendly guide to DC electrical theory and applications is both thorough and focused, providing detailed coverage in a convenient, affordable volume. The new Eighth Edition retains the distinguishing features that are the cornerstone of this trusted text, including logically organized content that progresses step-by-step from basic principles to advanced concepts. Enhancements for the new edition include updated photographs and illustrations to help readers grasp essential concepts quickly and apply their knowledge with confidence, as well as special icons highlighting "green" tips on energy efficiency.

    Table of Contents
    1. An Introduction to Electricity and Electronics.
    2. Electricity Production and Use.
    3. Electrostatics.
    4. Basic Circuit Concepts.
    5. Scientific Notation and Metric Prefixes.
    6. Electrical Quantity Measurement.
    7. Resistance.
    8. Ohms Law.
    9. Electrical Power and Energy.
    10. Series Circuits.
    11. Parallel Circuits.
    12. Series-Parallel Circuits and Loaded Voltage Dividers.
    13. Conduction in Liquid and Gases.
    14. Batteries.
    15. Magnetism and Electromagnetism.
    16. Applications of Electromagnetism.
    17. Electrical Measuring Instruments.
    18. Electromagnetic Induction.
    19. DC Generators.
    20. Mechanical Motion from Electrical Energy.
    21. DC Motors.
    22. Starters and Speed Controllers.
    23. Solid State Control of Direct Current Motors.
    24. Solving DC Networks.
    Nguồn và các thiết bị một chiều, rất dễ hiểu và đẳng cấp, bản thương mại.
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