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Phần mềm khác Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic

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    Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic

    Process Engineering and Design Using Visual Basic (c) by CRC

    The type of the release is: eBook
    In the PDF format with ISBN: 1420045423 and Pub Date: October 08, 2007
    The size of the release is: 05 disks x 2.88mb
    And released on: 12/07/2007

    Software tools are a great aid to process engineers, but too much
    dependence on such tools can often lead to inappropriate and suboptimal
    designs. Reliance on software is also a hindrance without a firm
    understanding of the principles underlying its operation, since users
    are still responsible for devising the design. In Process Engineering
    and Design Using Visual Basic, Arun K. Datta provides a unique and
    versatile suite of programs along with simultaneous development of the
    underlying concepts, principles, and mathematics. Each chapter details
    the theory and techniques that provide the basis for design and
    engineering software and then showcases the development and utility of
    programs developed using the material outlined in the chapter. This
    all-inclusive guide works systematically from basic mathematics to fluid
    mechanics, separators, overpressure protection, and glycol dehydration,
    providing basic design guidelines based on international codes. Worked
    examples demonstrate the utility of each program, while the author also
    explains problems and limitations associated with the simulations. After
    reading this book you will be able to immediately put these programs
    into action and have total confidence in the result, regardless of your
    level of experience
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