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Royal Navy Aces of World War 2

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    Royal Navy Aces of World War 2
    Osprey Publishing | English | 2007-03-27 | ISBN: 1846031788 | 96 pages | PDF | 13,7 MB​

    The Fleet Air Arm (FAA) served with distinction in every theater of war throughout World War II. From its poorly equipped beginnings - it started the war with few suitable, modern, carrier-born fighters - to the final campaigns over the Japanese home islands, the FAA proved an effective fighting force wherever it went.

    Desperate action over Malta and the Mediterranean during 1940-42, in the Indian and Pacific Oceans over Sumatra, the Atlantic battles and Artic Convoys, and the invasion of Okinawa, were just some of the famous and terrible actions they took part in.

    FAA Pilots, despite the initial poor equipment, had the distinction of being responsible for both the first, and last, enemy aircraft to be shot down during the war.

    Featuring first-hand accounts, combat reports, photographs from private collections, and an array of color plates depicting the range of profiles and symbolic markings that were used, this book will detail the history and combat experiences of these forgotten pilots who served with such distinction for the Allied cause.


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