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  1. phuochai

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    Data and computer communications

    This book attempts to provide a unified overview of the broad field of data and
    computer communications. The organization of the book reflects an attempt to
    break this massive subject into comprehensible parts and to build, piece by piece, a
    survey of the state of the art. The book emphasizes basic principles and topics of
    fundamental importance concerning the technology and architecture of this field, as
    well as providing a detailed discussion of leading-edge topics.


    Image Processing - The Fundamentals

    This book is the result of 11 years of teaching the subject to the students of Surrey
    University studying for an MSc degree in Signal Processing and Machine Intelligence.
    As the subject of Machine Intelligence has mushroomed in recent years, so it has
    attracted the interest of researchers from as diverse fields as Psychology, Physiology,
    Engineering and Mathematics. The problems of Machine Intelligence may be tackled
    with various tools. However, when we have to perform a task using a computer, we
    must have in mind the language a computer understands, and this language is the
    language of arithmetic and by extension mathematics. So, the approach to solving
    the problems of Machine Intelligence is largely mathematical. Image Processing is the
    basic underlying infrastructure of all Vision and Image related Machine Intelligence
    topics. Trying to perform Computer Vision and ignoring Image Processing is like
    trying to build a house starting from the roof, and trying to do Image Processing
    without mathematics is like trying to fly by flapping the arms!


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