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Doanh nghiệp tuyển dụng Service Parts Manager công ty Nhật Bản

Thảo luận trong 'Việc tìm người' bắt đầu bởi Hai2901, 5/3/21.

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  1. Hai2901

    Hai2901 Tài xế O-H

    Tham gia ngày:
    Số km:
    Được đổ xăng:
    230 lít xăng

    Position: Senior Manager/Manager (01 position- Fulltime)

    Working Place: Hanoi

    Department: Service Parts

    1. RESPONSIBILITY: Manage the field sales team to achievement the target for each dealer, each region with following details:

    v Responsible for Spare Part sales promotion:

    ü CPUS/Service units/Service Sales expansion planning;

    ü Parts sales promotion planning for each sales channel, segment, products;

    ü Planning & implementing contest for Sales Promotion/Event;

    ü Service products development, and maintenance products planning;

    ü Deployment of products sales;

    ü Pricing strategy for key products;

    v Responsible for Spare Part sales planning:

    ü Build medium to long-term strategy planning;

    ü Budget planning (Parts, Service), sales expense management;

    ü Achievement management (Sales & Profit),

    ü Incentive scheme development;

    ü Staff training;

    ü Direct Sales activity support (If any);

    v Report:

    ü Weekly, monthly, annually revenue& profit performance report

    ü Activities planning report, budget reports;

    v Others: Other job assigned by the Management


    v Knowledge:

    - Bachelor’s Degree in University, major in Automotive technology/ Economic/ Commercial/ Marketing/ Businesses management or related fields;

    - Fluently in English & MS Office;

    - Basic understand of Finance;

    - Sales and marketing;

    v Experience: 5 years’ experience in Sales/Marketing field, refer candidates having experience in automotive/truck company;

    v Skills/Ability and attitude:

    - Customer relation management, project management;

    - Coaching, planning and data analysis;

    - Challenge results oriented;

    - Enthusiasm, mature, honest, accountability;

    Ability to work independently in a multi-tasking environment.
    SĐT : Ms. Hải 094 678 6804

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