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SolidWorks & SolidCAM Solid Edge V 17 for Engineering and Technical Drawing

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    2D Drawings may take two forms: 2D Sketches show the outlines and locations of multiple shapes or parts to be designed. 2D Profiles must be closed shapes with no entities inside or crossing the sketch. The sketch at the right may be used to create a part by selecting specific shapes then “cleaning up” the outline by trimming inner curves. The final shape must be a single series of connected lines and arcs. Assembly Sketches (Layouts). These are used to define the critical geometry in a series of mating parts. Elements from the master sketch may be selected to create the individual parts. Modeling the bearing is done by selecting the inner circles. The bronze bearing is created as a separate part. The final assembly is shown with the parts modeled exactly as they fit. As you can see, 2D sketches are the basis for much of the design and part creation process. These sketches can be very general at first then, exact sizes can be assigned later. All parts associated to the master sketches will resize to the new dimensions. Each part will be the right size and in the right place. Starting a 2D Drawing, Constraints Menu : Drawn items may be changed by editing lengths, angles, diameter/radius, etc. Tangent Circle. Dimension Constraints, Geometric Constraints. Aligning Geometry. Editing 2D sketches. 2D drawings are often constructed using basic shapes then editing the shapes to get the final forms.
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