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SolidWorks & SolidCAM SolidWorks 2007 Basic Drawing Tutorial Book

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    SolidWorks is an easy to learn design and analysis tool (including COSMOSWorks, COSMOSFloWorks, and COSMOSMotion) which makes it possible for designers to quickly sketch 2D and 3D concepts, create 3D parts and assemblies, and detail 2D drawings. The book is focused for the beginner user with six or more months of experience to the intermediate user and assumes that you have some working knowledge of an earlier release of SolidWorks. By reading this book you’ll learn these following topics: Basic Concepts in SolidWorks, Starting a SolidWorks Session, SolidWorks User Interface (UI) and CommandManager, SolidWorks Resources, Design Library, File Explorer, View Palette, Auto Recovery, PhotoWorks, Fly-out FeatureManager, Right-Click Pop-up menus, FeatureManager Design Tree, System Feedback, Confirmation Corner, Create New Parts, Create the Axle Part, Create the Flatbar Part, Create an Assembly, Create a New Assembly Drawing, Summary.

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