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Toyota / Lexus Toyota corolla ultima

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    Call Automotive Technical Services on 1300 655 443, should you require additional information on this vehicle, on other makes, or for general advice on automotive matters. ROAD TEST REPORT August TOYOTA COROLLA ULTIMA 1.8 Litre Automatic Hatch FEATURES BEST WORST Good performance and handling Improved interior space Competitive equipment levels Ultimas ride sharpness Reduced load space in hatch Noise levels a little high The Toyota Corolla is the worlds biggest selling car with nearly 26 million built since 1966 (29 million if you count derivatives). The Corolla is sold in 58 countries and made in 15. What makes one model so popular? Right from the start, the Corolla appealed as a straightforward, easy to drive, economical and reasonably priced small car. It didnt take long for the Corolla to also establish an excellent reliability record and above average resale values. Since those early days, the Corolla has evolved and developed into a far more sophisticated product, however those core values remain and along with strong brand loyalty, account for much of the models incredible success. With these latest 2002 models, the Corolla moves into its ninth generation and buyers have an even greater range of models from which to choose. This time around there are 18 models, with the choice of hatchback Seca, sedan and wagon body styles (its the first time a Corolla wagon has been available since 1994). All models share the same 100 kW variable valve timing 1.8 litre engine and offer the choice of manual or automatic transmission. There are four equipment grades - Ascent, Conquest, Levin and Ultima. You cant get a Levin in the sedan line-up and theres no Ultima in the wagon range. Ultimas are available only in automatic form. Prices start at $19,990 for a manual Ascent (hatches and sedans are priced the same) and climb to a hefty $30,990 for the Ultima. Air conditioning is $1,640 in the Ascent and st ...

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