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Toyota / Lexus Toyota Technical Training - Electrical Circuit Diagnosis

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    Its a part of Toyota technical training handbook that must read for all toyota technician and mechanic, this is the Electrical circuit diagnosis course. Content Inside: Essential Electrical Concepts, Diagnose and repair electrical and electronic problems correctly on the first attempt. Reduce diagnostic and repair time. Increase customer satisfaction. Voltage Measurement, Review this sheet as you are doing the Voltage Measurement worksheet. Check each category after viewing the instructor’s presentation and completing the worksheet. Resistance Measurement, Diode Check. Electrical Circuits, This diagram shows a simple series circuit. Battery voltage is applied through the fuse to the control device (switch). When the switch closes, there is current in a single path through the load (lamp) to ground. The Battery, The battery is the main source of electrical energy on Toyota vehicles. The battery provides energy to operate lights and accessories and to start the engine. It also serves as a voltage stabilizer. Low Maintenance/No Maintenance, The Starting System, The starter motor drives the engine through a pinion gear that engages the ring gear on the flywheel. The Gear Reduction starter is a compact lightweight unit with high torque capacity. The Charging System, Generate electrical power to run the vehicle’s electrical systems, Generate current to recharge the vehicle’s battery. Introduction to Electronic Signals, Input and output signals can be either digital or analog, depending on the application. Electronic Control Units (ECUs) typically receive, process, and generate both analog and digital signals. This document available to download in pdf format consist of 382 pages.

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