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Toyota / Lexus Toyota Yaris user guide

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    Your dealership and the entire staff of Toyota wish you many years of enjoyable driving in your new Yaris Verso. PS: All information contained in this Brief …

    Lock system Key number plate Your key number is shown on the plate. If you should lose your keys or if you need additional keys, duplicates can be made using the key number. The engine immobiliser system is a theft prevention system. The engine will start only when the electronic code in the chip inside the key corresponds to the registered ID code of the vehicle. Wireless remote control Your vehicle has a wireless remote control system that can lock or unlock all the side doors and back door from a distance within approximately 1m of the vehicle. Locking and unlocking the doors. To lock and unlock all the side doors and back door, push the switches of the transmitter slowly and securely. International Security Register. Your new Yaris Verso has a unique number etched into all window glass. The ISR operates a 24 hour service which can provide peace of mind for your purchase. Locking operation Unlocking operation… You’ll be very impressed by the performance of the Yaris Verso’s 1.3 VVT-i litre engine. Its advanced engineering helps it adapt perfectly to all kinds of demands: from the school run, through winding country roads to motorway cruising. The secret is in the intelligent Variable Valve Timing (VVT-i). This uses computerised control to ensure that intake valve timing adjusts to engine speed and accelerator pressure, to provide optimum performance and fuel economy plus low emission levels. In this way, acceleration is always responsive yet efficient. With the help of the Verso’s aerodynamic body, VVT-i technology delivers the performance you want with the most sparing use of fuel. Equally impressive, the 1.4 D-4D diesel power unit, with its advanced common-rail design and direct injection, delivers excellent performance and class-leading fuel economy of more than 56 mpg on a combined cycle. Whichever Yaris Verso you choose, the results are impressive, offering power and response - yet still offering good fuel economy and low emissions at the same time.

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