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Catia Trọn Bộ Full Giáo Trình Catia V5

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    Giáo Trình Catia Pro - Let's Learn Catia Video Tutorials

    Catia Pro - Let's Learn Catia Video Tutorials | 15.36 GB
    CATIA is the leading modelling package in the world with huge number of tools and abilities. Learning such a package requires plenty of time and serious effort to enable you to master its use at the required level with sufficient knowledge and understanding of the package. It is not easy to find a comprehensive and easy way to understand the CATIA package and be competent in using it.
    Standalone Course contains over 730 fully illustrated tutorials (Video Format) with more than 33 hours of play time.Is a Multimedia Training Package (Video+Audio Narration) With All Possible Features That Make Learning Fun And Easy.It is your best opportunity to be a professional in CATIA within very short time


    Magnitude Engineering Solutions Catia V5 Video Tutorial-FoRTuNe | ISO | 1.91 GB

    Learn the basic and advanced features of Catia V5 step by step with the Catia V5 Tutorial DVD by Magnitude Engineering Solutions. The DVD plays instantly on your computer and comes with its own menu and media player so there is no instillation required. Just insert the DVD and choose what lesson you want from the menu. You're able to play pause rewind or fast forward at anytime giving you the flexibility to learn at your own individual pace. These tutorials are made by industry professionals who will give you the tools to learn and master Catia V5 quickly and easily. This Catia V5 Tutorial is applicable to all versions of Catia V5 and comes with everything listed below.
    135 Video Tutorials
    Project part files required to follow the tutorials
    Screen Resolution of 1280 x 800
    Audio narration for each tutorial from start to finish
    Sample projects

    CATIA V5 Video Tutorial. DESIGN & CNC TOOLPATH

    English | AVI | Camtasia | 1680x1048 | 1063 kb/s | 15.00 fps | PCM 22050Hz mono 352Kbps | 8.59 GB
    Genre: eLearning

    24 Hours Total of concentrated intensive Training (11 Hours of Audio narration + 13hrs of advanced samples). This tutorial has what it takes for you to become a CATIA V5 professional. Our DVDs are super easy to follow and will help you to become a CATIA programmer and a designer at a super fast rate. These DVDs will greatly minimize the time it takes for you to Master Catia Software. Our complete tutorial is design to accommodate any level of prior Catia experience. It will be a great learning tool for a beginner, and will also be a great resource for an advance programmer. This training in a classroom will cost you around $5,000 for 2 weeks. This is a great deal that will provide you with a lot more information than any school.

    1. Entering the Sketcher Workbench
    2. Becoming Familiar with the Interface
    3. Sketching from a New Part
    4. Creating Simple Geometry
    5. Applying Constraints
    6. Analyzing Sketches
    7. Modifying sketches
    8. Creating a Pad
    9. Sketching from an Existing Part
    10. Creating a Positioned Sketch
    11. Using the Normal View
    12. Cutting the Part by the Sketch Plane
    13. Setting the Datum Mode
    14. Modifying an Output Feature
    15. Before You Begin
    16. Using the Sketcher Grid
    17. Using Tools for Sketching
    18. Using Colors
    19. Cutting the Part by the Sketch Plane
    20. Defining a Visualization Mode for Sketcher Elements
    21. Defining a Visualization Mode for Wireframe Elements
    22. Converting Standard/Construction Elements
    23. Hiding or Showing the Sketch Absolute Axis
    24. Entering the Sketcher Workbench
    25. Creating a Positioned Sketch
    26. Changing a Sketch Support
    27. Sketching Simple Profiles
    28. Creating Profiles
    29. Creating Rectangles
    30. Creating Circles

    to 120

    Part Design
    121. Using Surfaces and Curves
    122. Joining Surfaces or Curves
    123. Extrapolating Surfaces
    124. Extracting Geometry
    125. Creating Intersections
    126. Creating Projections
    127. Creating Boundaries
    128. Entering the Part Design Workbench
    129. Creating a Pad
    130. Drafting a Face
    131. Filleting an Edge
    132. Editing the Pad
    133. Mirroring the Part
    134. Sketching a Circle from a Face
    135. Creating a Pocket
    136. Shelling the Part
    137. Opening a New CATPart Document
    138. Sketch-Based Features
    139. Creating Pads
    140. Using the Sub-Elements of a Sketch
    141. Creating Up to Next Pads
    142. Creating Up to Last Pads
    143. Creating Up to Plane Pads
    144. Creating Up to Surface Pads
    145. Creating Pads or Pockets from Surfaces
    146. Creating Pads Not Normal to Sketch Planes
    147. Creating Multi-Pads
    148. Creating Drafted Filleted Pads
    149. Creating Pockets
    150. Creating Multi-Length Pockets

    to 256

    Assembly Design
    257. Entering Assembly Design Workbench and Opening a CATProduct Document
    258. Fixing a Component
    259. Inserting an Existing Component
    260. Setting Constraints Between Components
    261. Moving Constrained Components Using the Compass
    262. Adding and Renaming a New Component
    263. Designing a Part in an Assembly Context
    264. Editing a Parameter
    265. Replacing a Component
    266. Analyzing Assembly Constraints
    267. Reconnecting a Broken Constraint
    268. Detecting Clashes
    269. Editing a Component
    270. Exploding the Assembly
    271. Creating an Assembly Document
    272. Updating an Assembly
    273. Analyzing an Assembly
    274. Defining a Multi-Instantiation
    275. Fast Multi-Instantiation
    276. Inserting an Existing Component with Positioning
    277. Managing Constraints
    278. Moving Components
    279. Translating Components
    280. Rotating Components

    to 535 more.

    Catia Training Manuals & Exercises

    Catia Training Manuals & Exercises
    Genre: eLearning


    GESAB Books
    -Basic Fundamentals Book 1
    -Basic Fundamentals Book 2
    -Detail Drafting
    -Detail drafting Exercise guide
    -Detail for Dummies
    -Expert Mechanical Book 1
    -Expert Mechanical Book 2

    Unico Books

    -Advanced Surface Design Exercises
    -Advanced Surface Design Theory Part_1_2_3
    -Complementary Course Surface Design 1-2
    -Complimentry Course Solid Design Excersises
    -Basics Course General Exercises 1-2
    -Basics Course General Exercises 2-2
    -Basics design theory


    General Course
    -Exercises assembly
    -Exercises curve and surface
    -Exercises drawing
    -Exercises dress up features
    -Exercises hybrid modeling
    -Exercises sketch based features
    -Exercises sketcher

    Solid Course
    -Exercises boolean operations
    -Exercises dress up
    -Exercises hybrid
    -Exercises modifying
    -Exercises pattern
    -Exercises sketcher

    Surface Course
    -Exercises curves
    -Exercises operations
    -Exercises surfaces

    Trọn Bộ DVD - 200k, pm me if you need:
    DT: 01225523847
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