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Tuyển dụng khác Tuyển Office manager làm việc tại Hải Dương 1000$ up

Thảo luận trong 'Việc tìm người' bắt đầu bởi thuynd114, 8/10/11.

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  1. thuynd114

    thuynd114 Tài xế O-H

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    HRchannels' client is a 100% foreign Invested Company. Our client is looking for capable and outstanding candidates to build a challenging career in the following position: Office Manager. Salary 1000$ up

    Reporting to: CEO
    Supervisor: Finance Manager and HR Manage
    Working time: Working 8h/day, from Monday to Friday

    To be responsible of doing all administrative work regarding HR and Administration and Finance for Company. Work will be done in cooperation with Mother company respective departments and their managers.

    1. Admin
    2. Human Resource
    3. Purchase
    4. Finance
    5. Project profitability
    6. Time reporting

    Job requirement

    - Age from 27 to 37, good health, clear background.
    - Graduated from college or higher degree in economics, accounting, finance (Priority graduates from universities in foreign countries)
    - Fluent in English, computer
    - At least 1 year experience in same field
    - Organizational skills, management
    - Fast, hard, honest

    Company provides car from Long Bien bridge to Hai Duong.

    Pls contact Ms. Thuy for more information: thuynd114@yahoo.com or tel: 04-3569-0087.

    Thank you very much.
  2. buiducquan

    buiducquan Tài xế O-H

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