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SolidWorks & SolidCAM Update for SolidWorks 2010 SP1.0 Win32 & Win64

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi Ctrl+C, 4/1/10.

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    Update for SolidWorks 2010 SP1.0 Win32 & Win64 | 2.5 GB

    Version: SW2010 SP1.0 (Win32 & Win64). Upgrading the kernel SW2010 from SP0.0 to SP1.0 and installation of all dopmoduley SP1.0.
    More cm. "Composition of the distribution"
    Language: Multilanguage (13 languages, including Russian)
    Developer: DSS SW Corp
    Platform: Windows XP h86/h64, Windows Vista h86/h64 (Vista Ultimate, Business and Enterprise editions only!), Win7 x86/x64 (Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise only!)

    Minimum 1 GB (Parts 1000 parts)
    For large models and assemblies-Win64 version with 6 GB and above (the details of> 1000 primitives, build> 10000 items)
    Processor: Intel ® and AMD ® (Apple Mac ® is not supported!)
    Tabletka: Present /

    1) In the folder Common installations are common to versions of Win32 and Win64 modules
    DWGeditor 2010 SP1.0
    eDrawings 2010 SP1.0
    eDrawings API SDK 2010 SP1.0
    SW Help Russian 2010 SP1.0
    SW Help English 2010 SP1.0
    SW Help German 2010 SP1.0
    SW Viewer 2010 SP1.0
    PhotoView 360 2010 SP1.0
    SW API SDK 2010 SP1.0
    2) In the folder are Win32 installation for version SW2010 Win32
    kernel upgrade: sw2010-0.0-1.0-i.exe (CAUTION: In SW2010 in the kernel upgrade also includes the renovation and SW Simulation (aka COSMOSWorks) and SW Motion (aka COSMOSMotion)
    flowsimulation.exe (aka COSMOSFloWorks)
    pdmwserver.exe (PDMWorks Server)
    swdocmgr.exe (SW Document Manager API)
    3) In the folder are Win64 installation for version SW2010 Win64 (Composition similar to the folder Win32)
    4) After upgrading the kernel and dopmoduley need to run the appropriate kernel and cracks dopmoduley folder _SolidSQUAD_
    5) Update all modules (except the core program!) Are complete, independent and samodostotochnymi installation and require availability of their pre-installed versions

    List bugfixed in SP1.0 at in file download


    Download (Hotfile)
    Download (Uploading)
    Download (Rapidshare)
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