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Hãng khác Volvo Engine Wiring Diagram 2013A

Thảo luận trong 'Ô Tô' bắt đầu bởi DUYLEAUTO, 18/7/13.

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    Tiêu đề: Volvo Engine Wiring Diagram 2013A
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    Welcome to Electronic Wiring Diagram (EWD) for Volvo Car Corporation. EWD A 2013

    New way of navigating to find the publications on the EWD!
    To the left there are two dropdown lists with a number of car models.

    Step 1 - select car model.

    Step 2 - select a publication

    The publication number is made up as follows: e.g. 39161012

    •39 is a function group number
    •The following three digits are a serial number (161)
    •The following two digits indicate the applicable language (01)
    •The final digits indicate whether the publication is a preliminary issue (1) or a definitive issue (2) of the publication.

    A preliminary issue is always produced in conjunction with production start and contains information regarding fuses, relays, ground terminals and diagram pages. It is later replaced by the definitive publication, which is based on the final design documentation for the model years. It also contains updated information for the aforementioned as well as information regarding connectors, cable harness routing in vehicle, junction point information and component illustrations.
    The supplement is normally issued in the Autumn and contains updated information for the different car models and is an addition to the definitive publication for each car model. Information about the changes that have been made during production, or new features that have been introduced after publication of the definitive book are published here. Supplementary information is continuously published as SPJs in TIE.

    Preliminary, definitive and supplement are published on the EWD disc.


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