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Man [0001802] MAN D20 trucks training course

Thảo luận trong 'Tài liệu sửa chữa' bắt đầu bởi hyundai, 1/10/12.

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    Tile:[0001802] MAN D20 trucks training course
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    The Series D2066 LF series of inline engines was a new development for the heavy Trucknology Generation (TGA) series of MAN trucks:

    • New, higher power-output and torque ratings and steeper
    torque curves.
    • Increased peak effective pressure in the engine and the new
    combustion principle with common-rail (CR) fuel supply have
    distinctly improved engine efficiency and lowered fuel
    consumption over large area of the operating range.
    • The system used to bolt down the individual cylinder heads,
    the cylinder head gaskets, the cylinder liners and the
    crankcase have all been redeveloped to withstand the higher
    ignition pressures.
    • Adoption of the second-generation Bosch Common Rail fuel
    injection system (1600 bar).
    • Engine management by EDC7 and communication with FFR
    via the CAN bus.

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