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BMW/Mini /Rolls Royce 2006 BMW 5 Series (525i/530i/550i/525xi/530xi) Owner Manual and Maintenance

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    2006 BMW 5-series is a luxury mid-size sedan that has become a favorite to U.S users, powered with 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder engines with Valvetronic variable valve lift, magnesium/aluminum composite construction, and new electronically controlled engine cooling with an electric coolant pump, claimed can produce 255 horsepower. This BMW owner manual could be applied for BMW 525i/530i/550i/525xi/530xi series. Content Inside: How to use this manual, vehicle at a glance, controls system and operating, driving tips, Things to remember when driving, Starting navigation system, Entertainment, Communications, Mobility, maintenance procedures, scheduled maintenance, wheels and tires, replacing components, technical data, short commands of voice command system, everything from A to Z.



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