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SolidWorks & SolidCAM Advanced Assembly Modeling

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi haui, 5/9/10.

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    About This Course
    Use of Color

    Lesson 1: Top-Down Assembly Modeling

    Top-Down Assembly Modeling
    Stages in the Process
    Building Virtual Parts
    Building Parts in an Assembly
    Assembly Features
    In-Context Features
    Propagating Changes
    Smart Fasteners
    Saving Internal Parts as External
    External References
    Breaking External References
    Removing External References

    Lesson 2: Advanced Mate Techniques

    Advanced Mates
    Adding Mate References
    Design Library Parts
    Capture Mate References
    Create Property Manager
    Smart Components
    Advanced and Mechanical Mate Types
    Summary: Inserting and Mating Components
    Multiple Mate Mode
    Using Copy with Mates
    Mate Options

    Lesson 3: Using Configurations with Assemblies

    Using Configurations with Assemblies
    Stages in the Process
    Component Patterns
    Using Configure Component
    Creating Configurations Manually
    Using Design Tables with Assemblies
    Understanding Design Tables
    Manipulating the Design Table

    Lesson 4: Display States and Appearances

    Display States
    Bulk Selection Tools
    Advanced Select
    Appearances, Materials and Scenes

    Lesson 5: Assembly Editing

    Assembly Editing
    Key Topics
    Editing Activities
    Replacing and Modifying Components
    Troubleshooting an Assembly
    Replacing Components Using Save As
    Mirroring Components
    Hole Alignment
    Controlling Dimensions in an Assembly

    Lesson 6: Layout-based Assembly Design

    Layout-based Assembly Design
    Key Topics
    Inserting Blocks
    Testing with the MotionManager
    Creating a Part from a Block

    Lesson 7: Large Assemblies

    Large Assemblies
    Key Topics
    Lightweight Components
    Large Assembly Mode
    Selective Open with Hide
    Using Quick View / Selective Open
    Using SpeedPak
    Using Configurations with Large Assemblies
    Modifying the Structure of an Assembly
    Tips for Faster Assemblies
    Drawing Considerations
    SolidWorks Explorer
    Renaming Components

    Lesson 8: The MotionManager

    Using the Animation Wizard
    Free Motion
    Drag Motion
    Motors and Motion
    Visual Properties
    Interpolation Modes
    View Orientation States
    Basic Motion
    Using Physical Dynamics

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