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Autocad & Inventor Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi khoadongluc, 4/12/09.

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    Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required
    528 pages | Sybex (August 17, 2009) | ISBN: 0470481692 | PDF | 11 MB​

    The only continuous, step-by-step tutorial on the essentials of this manufacturing software. If you want to get up and running quickly on the industry-leading 3D mechanical design software, Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required is your perfect resource. It quickly teaches the essential skills and demonstrates the software using a continuous, real-world tutorial project.

    Once you understand the interface and how to use Inventor conventions, you'll begin actually designing and modeling a project from start to finish. Along the way, you'll learn the "why" behind each step.
    - Learn to use the interface and Inventor conventions
    - Understand sketching commands and best practices, then move into both regular and sheet metal specific part modeling
    - Understand how to join parts into assemblies to create a single, digital prototype of a box fan
    - Create and distribute accruate part and assembly drawings, learn about functional design concepts, and use Inventor's Design Accelerator features
    - Discover how to work with Inventor weldments and create, render, and distribute compelling visualizations of the final design using Inventor Studio
    - The companion website provides "before and after" tutorial files, enabling you to jump in at any point and compare your work with the author's results

    Autodesk Inventor 2010: No Experience Required gives you all the instruction you need to begin using this powerful 3D mechanical design tool.
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