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Piagio bảng tra số sườn, số máy các đời vespa từ 1947 - 1990

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    Vespa Serial Numbers By Year: 1946-1971
    by Brian Holm, copyright © 1998 Scoot! Quarterly
    This list includes Vespa serial numbers, by year, for most of those machines that are classified as "vintage" by the Registro Storico of Italy (machines manufactured for the 1971 model year or earlier.) Also included, at the end, are serial prefixes for Vespa models marketed in North America by Sears & Roebuck (primarily as the Allstate.)
    Due to the time required for shipping and distribution, North American collectors may find that the numbers listed for a given production year in Europe actually correspond to a vehicle sold in the following year in the U.S.A. or Canada.
    Here's how to find the serial number:

    The numbers appear on the frame of the bike and on the engine case. The location on the frame varies with the model and is one of three places. These are, 1) Newer models, mid-70's -- on the engine side of the frame near the rear about 10 inches directly above the gear selector box and oil fill plug. 2) Older models, 60's -- on the lip of the frame underneath the center glovebox side panel (non-engine side) 3) Real oldies, 50s -- on the lip of the frame inside and at the bottom of the carburetor access door underneath the front end of the seat (a square door down near the fuel tap.)

    The number always appears on the engine so this is a great bet (but if the motor's been swapped it can be misleading, so it's best to find both and match the numbers.) Here's how to locate this number. The motor is mounted to the frame by two bolts. The first is a small bolt at the bottom of the rear shock absorber, the other is a big long bolt running through the frame from one side to the other. Lay on your belly facing the engine, looking across the kick start lever, just behind the big bolt. Extending from the engine forward to the big bolt is a mounting arm. It may be partially obscured by the bend in the exhaust. On the center of the face of the mounting arm is a flat space upon which the number is stamped. The mounting arm and the number are probably covered in dirt and grease so you'll have to wipe it off with a rag. Do you see the number? That's it. The number will look something like this *VBA1M 036896* The first three letters are indicative of the model, the numbers will tell us the year, and can indicate if the motor and frame match.

    The numbers are listed in the following format:

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