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Hãng khác Borg - Shwitzer - Garrett - Holset Turbochargers

Thảo luận trong 'Xe máy công trình' bắt đầu bởi hyundai, 31/5/13.

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  1. hyundai

    hyundai Bằng lái Hạng F

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    17,399 lít xăng
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    Language : English only
    crack : Not required
    Year / Version : Garrett 2004 database version 1.0 Borg: 2002 Version (after online update 2008 version 3.2 ) Holset - does not show, about 2006 (after updating the database - 2008)

    Description : Catalogs on the selection of turbochargers for passenger and commercial vehicles three major producers: Borg (Borg, Schwitzer, KKK), Garrett, Holset. There are various search options (by brand and / m, model and / m, engine model, original number and the number of the manufacturer). For convenience, put a torrent file. All three catalogs are individual drives, you can download any of them, choosing a torrent client. Extras. Information : Unfortunately, the disc is not the latest, but it solved the update. Borg catalog can be updated via the Internet. To update Holset must enter the data (fit 1 - 1 - 1@1.net). To work directory Garrett requires Acrobat Reader 5 (included on disc), does not want to update (for those who understand that he needs to be updated, please unsubscribe.) Seeding the evenings, upload 8 Mbit / s Torrent perezaleyte as it was found that the images were Holset Borg and unreadable ,


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