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Catia Catia Tutorial - No document at startup

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    To open Catia without opening a new document at startup, you need to set an environment variable in Windows XP. As a default, Catia will start each new session with a CATProduct file. Following this procedure will allow the user to turn the default document option off, and eliminate the need to close the file, and open (or start) a different file.
    Step 1
    Open the “Control Panel.” (under the “Start” tab in Windows)
    Double click on “System”
    Step 2
    Select the tab labeled “Advanced.” Click on the “Environmental Variables” button at the bottom of the panel.
    Step 3
    Create a new variable, and call it “CATNoStartDocument.” (exactly as shown) Assign a value of “1.” Click “OK” to accept, and exit the control panel.
    When you open a new session of Catia, you should have a blank session. No more empty document of any kind when each session begins.

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