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    WIND TURBINE TECHNOLOGY, is a comprehensive and well illustrated text on the theory and operations of wind turbines that generate electricity for power companies. This text is written for an introductory course in wind energy technology. It prepares readers for a career as wind energy technicians who are responsible for maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting turbines on wind farms.

    This is an inclusive text that covers the main subjects associated with wind turbines. Dr. Hemami uses a practical, step-by-step manner with many examples and applications to help students to have a better understanding of the material. The text is divided into 17 progressive chapters. The book is divided into progressive sections, starting with fundamental subjects such as energy in the wind and effect of wind on a blade and continues onto more advanced materials such as grid connection and economics of wind turbines.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Energy in the Wind.
    3. Fundamentals.
    4. Wind Turbine Basic Types, Analysis and Characteristics.
    5. Propeller Wind Turbine.
    6. Electricity and Electric generation.
    7. Propeller-Type Wind Turbine Characteristics.
    8. Grid Connection.
    9. Wind turbine mechanical systems.
    10. Control of Wind Turbines (Part 1: Mechanical Side).
    11. Control of Wind Turbines (Part 2: Generator Side).
    12. Ancillary Electric Devices.
    13. Wind Turbine Mechanical Design Matters.
    14. Economics of Wind Energy.
    15. Environmental Concerns.
    16. Safety and Other Issues.
    17. Working on Wind Turbines and Operator's Safety.
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