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  1. hrobertdm

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    Version :2013
    Date :2013

    Welcome to the production release of Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link software. This version is used to perform diagnostics on all vehicles equipped with EPA07, EPA10, and GHG14 engines. The CD also contains Diagnostic Link for performing diagnostics on DDEC and MBE electronic engines prior to the 2007 model year.

    DDDL will also install the Detroit Diesel Electronic Tools Suite utility which may be run to detect the software applications used with the engine you are connected to. This CD also contains a copy of DDEC Reports 8.02 which is compatible with all engine platforms from EPA98 to GHG14. The installation link for this version is located on the DDDL main menu and is installed separately. It does not require a registration code.

    With this service tool release, both versions of DDDL will be installed together and both will share the same access key. This new installation and registration method will considerably shorten the time you spend setting up and registering your computer. To register your DDDL software, call Nexiq/Snap-on using one of the following phone numbers: Domestic Orders – 1-877-974-3539 ** International Orders – 1-248-293-8285. Update versions of DDDL do not need to be registered.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: DDDL must be installed and registered in order for DDDL 6.50 to be operational.

    It is important to completely familiarize yourself with the information in all of the readme files provided on this CD. Please pay particular attention to the computer specs in the DDDL readme file as they have changed since the last release of this CD. Each file is located on the Main Menu corresponding to the appropriate software application and contains detailed information on the following topics:

    • Introducing DDDL basic features
    • Software Enhancements
    • System requirements
    • Translator box / cable requirements
    • Installing DDDL
    • Updating DDDL
    • Registration / Support
    • Known Issues
    The links below will take you to the main menus for each DDDL application. Since these versions of DDDL are being installed together, the DDDL 6.50 link will contain help file documents only.

    Các file đính kèm:

    • Detroit diesel Dddl 7.11.txt
      (Kích thước: 323 bytes / Đã tải : 15 lần)
      Phí : 300 lít xăng
      Xăng dự trữ của bạn : $
    Đã được đổ xăng bởi dynamickhoadongluc.
  2. imagery

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    who will down it ?
  3. qtdienotohp

    qtdienotohp Tài xế O-H

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    cụ ơi tải phần mềm về rồi giải nén được rồi nhưng không mở được key cụ giúp em với

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