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Hãng khác Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 (DDDL 7.05) + Keygen

Thảo luận trong 'Xe máy công trình' bắt đầu bởi hyundai, 17/3/13.

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  1. hyundai

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    Detroit Diesel first time the company has had an effect 60 years ago, releasing diesel engines that can generate electricity. With the gradual increase in popularity of automotive products company Detroit Diesel has improved its production. Now Detroit Diesel engines feature low fuel consumption, less noise and engine vibration and the least toxicity. Modern engines meet all the requirements of European organizations for the protection of the environment.
    If you have any questions on the maintenance or detecting faults in computer systems, engines, you must use the program for diagnostic computer Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 + 6.45.
    Diagnostic program Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 + 6.45 is an electronic tool designed to serve the DDEC VI Detroit Diesel, equipped with engines (S-60, MBE 4000, MBE 900, HDE). The diagnostic tool Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 + 6.45 allows users to perform routine tasks, troubleshoot, configure and manage the settings, perform service programs, and other important functions.

    The diagnostic tool Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 + 6.45 includes features such:
    Proportional Valve Routine to activate outputs
    Print Calibrations to PDF file for troubleshooting purposes
    Progressive Shift Calculator
    Adjustable OI Idle Speed for DDECIV
    Save full DDECV diagnostic codes to a text file
    Changeable Low Gear torque limiting for DDECIV and DDECV
    A read only "Smart Cruise" field added to Cruise Tab
    Change OI Target minimum to 800 rpm
    Saving I/O config settings in DDEC III / IV the same as DDEC V
    Use unsigned seeds for backdoor password (VCU)
    Have option in DDDL installation to install Dearborn Group Drivers
    Remove Min/Max from fault code display, add associated extreme parm value + stop
    Permissions set for DDEC V folder for extraction purposes

    The production release of Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 software
    Languages: English
    OS: VISTA, WinX,Win 7 Welcome to the production release of Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 software. You may use DDDL 7.05 to perform diagnostics on all DDEC VI equipped engines. The CD also contains Diagnostic Link 6.45 for performing diagnostics on DDEC and MBE electronic engines prior to the 2007 model year.

    The DDDL 7.05 installation will also install the Detroit Diesel Electronic Tools Suite utility. This program may be run to detect the software applications that may be used with the engine you are currently connected to.
    Region: All regions
    Languages: English
    OS: VISTA, WinXP
    Quantity of CD: 1 CD

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    Ðề: Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05 (DDDL 7.05) + Keygen

    Bác huynh dai ơi, bác có thể cho hoặc bán giúp em phần mềm crack detroi 7.05 không
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    cụ ơi cái này có test dc máy thủy MTU không ạ, nếu có thì đi với phần cứng nào ạ.

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