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GẤP: Tuyển Sourcing Supervisor (Mechanical background) Anh em nào thấy thích hợp hay có bạn bè giới

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    [GẤP]Công ty bạn em - Bonfiglioli Vietnam đang cần tuyển vị trí Sourcing Supervisor như sau:
    Job Description

    - Maximize supplier performance to support the company’s business goals;
    - Works with Sourcing Manager on conducting general market research in related products as well as research into potential suppliers, product specifications and resources (for best practices and assist in driving cost management working with campus departments to facilitate compliance with procurement rules and procedures)
    - Develops a supply of the highest quality components based on the criteria of quality, delivery, technical capability and overall business relationships (TCO);
    - Conducts supplier analysis, evaluates potential suppliers, and manages the overall supplier qualification process, develops and create sourcing plans, requests for proposal, and other sourcing documents, evaluates and recommends purchasing and sourcing decision to management.
    Is able to perform product value analysis and supplier’s production process analysis
    - Plans, directs, and coordinates the work activities and resources necessary for company’s products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications
    - Develops and maintains systems to support sourcing information needs.
    Job Requirements
    - Technical background (Mechanical; this is a MUST)
    - Minimum 4 years working experience in multinational companies as sourcing supervisor ;
    - Has experience in dealing with fabricated metal products (mechanical machining, aluminum die-casting, iron casting and heat treatment)
    - Mechanical drawing knowledge;
    - Good references;
    Additional Information
    • Job Level: Team Leader/Supervisor
    • Salary: Tùy Theo năng lực của ứng viên ( Không giới hạn mức lương)
    • Job Type: Full-Time Permanent
    • Location: Hồ Chí Minh- Binh Duong ( Có xe đưa đón)
    Công ty đang cần gấp, anh em trong diễn đàn ai có nhu cầu và thắc mắc thì Liên hệ bạn em theo thông tin sau giúp ạ:
    - Tên: Phương
    - SĐT: 01692699969
    - E-mail: Phuong.huynh@anphabe.com
    Em cảm ơn mọi người ạ & Chúc mọi người vui. [​IMG]

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