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How Fighter Pilots Use Math

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    How Fighter Pilots Use Math (Math in the Real World) By Mary Hense
    Publisher: Chelsea House Publications 2009-10-30 | 32 Pages | ISBN: 1604136057 | PDF | 1.7 MB

    When fighter pilots get into the cockpit, they come face-to-face with practical math.How Fighter Pilots Use Math demonstrates how math allows pilots to judge speed, attain altitude, and maintain safety, all while soaring to new heights.

    Concepts and skills emphasized include:

    •Number Sense and Operations
    •Problem Solving
    •Data Analysis
    •Algebraic Thinking
    •Geometry and Spatial Sense.
    About the Author(s)

    Mary Hense always loved planes and spaceships. From her backyard in Florida, she watches rockets take off from the Kennedy Space Center more than 60 miles away

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