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MasterCam Mastercam X6 có gì mới!

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm kỹ thuật' bắt đầu bởi localhost, 14/9/11.

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  1. localhost

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    Vậy là sắp ra đời Mastercam X6 với những tính năng đựoc nâng cấp hoàn hảo anh em tham khảo đoạn tiếng anh biên dưới về What's New in Mastercam X6
    Mastercam X6 is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2011. We have been getting many questions from Resellers about what features are in X6.

    The following are the currently planned features are that will be in X6.
    Gerneral and Design Enhancement :
    - Stock Model
    - 64-bit Support
    - New tool database/manager
    - Solid trim to surface
    - Solid edges intersection and trimming
    - Trim/Divide support for splines
    - All and Only Mask arc sweep
    - Quick Mask group option
    - xform rotate min angle
    - Active report updates
    Lathe :
    - Face optional finish feed/speed
    - Face corner break
    - Canned groove optional Finish feed/speed
    - Variable depth roughing
    - Finish down-cutting strategy
    - Groove rough optional retract feed on first plunge
    - Groove finish option to remove undercuts
    - Finish tool inspection
    - Rough remaining stock, including pinch turn
    - MT Misc Ops

    Wire :
    - Power Library Manager for Tech Libraries
    - New autosync

    Mill 2D :
    - Stock Model
    - 2D HST by Depth and Pocket
    - Bull nose support
    - New chaining
    - 2D HST Blend Mill compensation
    - Zigzag for Dynamic milling toolpaths
    - 2D Contour Smoothing
    - 2D HST Peel Mill adjust start/end
    - 2D HST Dynamic milling variable radius
    - 2D HST Dynamic milling approach from outside control (lead in/out control)
    - 2D HST Dynamic milling open toolpath

    Mill 3D :
    - Stock Model
    - OptiRest toolpaths
    - Hybrid Finish filler passes
    - OptiRough now two toolpaths, OptiCore and OptiArea
    - Mill toolpath drop-down menu reorganization

    Multiaxis :
    - 5-axis Stock Model toolpath trimming
    - Support for tapered tools
    - Blade Expert
    - Port Expert Enhancements

  2. thinh_ldb43

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  3. vinamech

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    452 lít xăng
    Phiên bản X5 ra cũng lâu rồi mà . Tại cổ điển quen xài X4 nên giờ cứ X4 mà xài chắc gạo :))

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