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Mercedes Comand APS NTG4 hard reset

Thảo luận trong 'Thùng rác diễn đàn' bắt đầu bởi localhost, 28/6/11.

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    Hi All. First post here. I updated an NTG4 on c220 w204 and I'm having some issues. Anybody know how to hard reset the unit to factory settings. I tried both the reset in the system menu and in the Engineering mode but this doesn't seem to change anything !!!

    my issues: before upgrade: no linguatronic. no phone sound. I think the mic is not recognized or faulty. I bought the car (my uncle's car in fact) like this. I haven't tested these settings. I updated to 2011 map version and now the unit restarts as soon as it powers off. the merc logo appears then the unit restarts. I still have no linguatronic or phone. anothe problem is I rip a CD using the REC option but nothing is copied even though the copy operation is carried out without errror messages !!!

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